Artist Statement

From childhood I have had something in my hands – creating that something into something else. Beginning with crayons and macaroni, I was always hard at work. As a little girl in Colorado, my grandmother instilled in me the love of color and the beauty of all forms of art. I am so indebted to her for the gift of her time and love and for helping me to recognize the peace and beauty in the act of creating art.

Throughout my life I have never grown tired of trying different mediums and my love of creating still exists today. In 2000 “watercolor” captured my heart and it has been a nonstop, amazing journey that the unpredictable process of this water media has for me.

Quite simply, I paint the things in life that I love: animals, flowers, plants and vegetables, mountains, any natural part of the world where I live. I get to take a closer look at these everyday things and, in turn, by looking closely, I sometimes find that I am taken down a different path than I expected.

I am grateful that I can express something in a painting. With my paintings, I hope to say: “Hey, look what I found. Do you see that?” Or, “This is how I feel. Do you understand?

It is my hope that when you look at my art, it will speak to you in some way.

Carly Waiting
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